do re mi fa so done with this semester


I actually sort of needed this

cheekyjensen replied to your post: i COULD go to the gym…..

No, lie in bed and sleep

i swear you are the worst influence only all the time


"In the battle of height that is volleyball, libero might be the only position where a short player can thrive. However, I’m not a libero because of my height. Even if I were two metres tall, I’d still play as a libero. Even if you can’t spike the ball, even if you can’t block it, if the ball doesn’t touch the floor, then you can’t lose in volleyball. And the one who is best in ensuring that is the libero."

"I though it’d be great if i could become someone like that."

"…Just when did you become such a cool guy?"


do you ever want to see someone, talk to someone, just TOUCH them and see their smile, but they are just so fucking far away….

i COULD go to the gym…..


red girl blue bird (I want a little bird so badly)


remember that time yachi forgot hinata’s name and she thought that since she had such a “bad” memory for names she’d never get a job and somehow thought organ trafficking was a plausible option??? me too, i love yachi…


     May I please direct your attention to this?


     May I please direct your attention to this?

"I want to win."
"I won't throw any more tosses that I have to apologize for."